Lawsuit of "Tramp University" suspicion of fraud, settled by paying 2.8 billion yen

In a lawsuit alleging suspicion of fraud of real estate investment course "Trump University" established by Donald Trump elected the next president of the United States, Mr. Trump told plaintiffs By paying 25 million dollars (about 2.8 billion yen) it turned out that the two had settled. It is a form avoiding the continuation of litigation which is troublesome for Mr. Trump who advances adjustment of ministerial personnel.

Eric Schneiderman State Attorney general said on Wednesday, "The establishment of a $ 25 million settlement made today is an amazing change in attitude by Mr. Donald Trump, It is a big victory for 6000 victims of fraudulent universities. "

"The conditions of the settlement include refunds to all victims and content that Mr. Donald Trump pays New York State a $ 1 million fine (about 110 million yen) for State Education Law violation I am satisfied with what I am doing. "

According to a spokesperson for Attorney General of Schneider Man State, a settlement was made this time in all three lawsuits woken up by two in California (State of California) and one in New York State with respect to Trump University.

Mr. Trump, who is elected the next president of the United States and is currently discussing the next administration on a daily basis, has asked a federal court in San Diego, California, to postpone the case. A hearing on this request was scheduled on the 18th in the court, but a settlement was established about 1 hour before the trial started.

According to a lawsuit raised six years ago by former students of an unlicensed school and a trump university that has already failed, the university has deceived students and paid money with strong marketing.

According to lawsuits, there are cases where students who trusted that they would succeed in the real estate industry would pay 35,000 dollars (about 3.9 million yen) as a tuition fee if they received a lecture by the instructors that Mr. Trump itself chose. 【Translation edit】 AFPBB News

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